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Student Recruitment and Admission Best Practices delivered with Simplicity and Reliability

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In education or employment, applications are a critical step in one’s exploration of opportunities. Aspects of fairness, equity, inclusion, easy access, ease of use and reliability are very important in such exploration of opportunities. Formistry, our online cloud based Online Application Registration System, is our effort to make this critical step in ones education or employment exploration easy and stress free.

We studied state of art application processing systems, best practices, current technologies, current security vulnerabilities and evolving market and people behavior to understand what is needed. Formistry is the result of insights gained from this study and is built on the core principles of Simplicity, Speed and Reliability.

We continue to enhance our products and solutions to provide the best experience to our key customers - the Applicant, The Administrator and The Institution and ensure that the whole registration application process is easy and stress free.

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A critical aspect of management of applications is to manage the load without drop in performance. We take particular care to ensure that our back end supports such load spikes.

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